Tales from a Life Inbetween

The Gypsy’s Spell

Oh gypsy maiden dance for me,
beneath the moon ,
nights endless stars.
Sing your songs,
forbidden love,
play melodies,
on sweet guitars.

Your flowing hair
of auburn gold,
enchanting eyes,
pure emerald-green.
Dance barefoot now
on sweet-dewed grass,
pray cast your spells
of love for me.

She stops,
she turns,
she looks his way,
with mesmerizing
wanton stare.
As fire ignites,
within his soul
she leaves him breathless,
lying there.

He prayed beneath
a howling moon,
for just a glimpse
of her once more.
‘Till tortured heart
and darkness brought,
that gypsy maiden
to his door.

As music played
new passions rose,
no words were spoken
of that night.
When spells were cast,
sweet melodies played
as lovers dreamed
and souls took flight

Reah Roberts © 2009


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