Tales From A Life Best Forgotten

Revenge Not Mine

So little boy you know me well,
your spite a mask to hide the truth
Unloving arms and lonely nights,
bear witness to your misspent youth.
So what’s her name, a friend of mine?
Or some poor stray to warm your bed.
To care would show a depth of heart,
indifference now a welcome friend.

Tread carefully oh little boy,
no more am I prepared to take.
The lies you speak with certainty,
bring untold choices, mine to make.
My true love waits no knowledge known,
of feelings felt for him so deep.
But you oh silly boy of mine,
play hateful games you’ll never win.

Revenge is mine but taken not,
my standards are not yours to set.
I’ll live my life with you no more,
No bitterness, just sweet regret.

Reah Roberts ©2009


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