Tales from a Life Inbetween

The Acrobat

The acrobat balances deep in her mind,
In desolate wonder of an unknown world,
Each step carefully measured by unhinged emotion,
No breath deep enough, silent screams go unheard.

The acrobat searches for answers unspoken,
Harsh words echo louder, no peace for her yet,
Past voices grow stronger, their force almost winning,
Life’s questions now changing, it’s time to forget.

The acrobat mirrors the world that surrounds her,
She feels all its pain, yet finds strength through it all,
It’s time to start fighting, to take back her madness,
To bury the darkness, to tear down the walls.

The acrobat falters, desperation surrounds her,
Light disappearing, as fear blinds her eyes,
The path onwards upwards has yet to be taken,
It’s time to decide where her destiny lies.

The acrobat leaps her arms held out hopeful,
Prays someone is there, to soften her fall,
The acrobat wakes in the arms of her true love,
And whispers goodbye, to her unquiet world.

Reah Roberts © 2009


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