Various Lyrics

Walk With Me

Come see the world through my eyes,

A world of pain that left me cold and afraid

Where lonely smiles hid the tears when it rained,

In my world.


You wanna walk in my shoes,

The shoes that lead me to you,

That walked this road straight and true.

And when I was lost helped me run away from the truth.


See I don’t understand what this life’s about,

and I don’t always see the signs,

But when I need your touch want you close to me,

The truth is there in my eyes.


Come on and take me tonight,

To the places that I’ve never been,

Come wake the feelings that I’ve only dreamed,

And when morning comes let me live it all over again.


Now I understand, what this life’s  about,

And I know where I wanna be,

And when all was lost, it was you I found,

Let your loving set me free.


‘Cos I understand what this loves about,

I was blind but now I see, 

And along this road as I walk this path 

It is  you who’s there with me..

And I know where I wanna be,

Let your loving set me free.


And your love it set me free..

And  I know where I’m gonna be

Walk  with me….


R.M Roberts © 2009


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