Tales From A Life Best Forgotten

The Last Time

Mercy cries in desperate tones
Where unseen tears flow ever free
She hides in corners knees up tight
Head bowed low lest he should see.

A slamming door
Her body shakes
But still she hides for fear of death
A baby cries no move she makes
As panic forces silent breath.

He screams her name The cries subside
The tears she quickly wipes in haste
A smile is forced as standing there
She stares into the eyes of hate.

A tiny child now in her arms
Stops crying as he beats her down
She shields the babe from frenzied blows
Their bodies falling to the ground.

With eerie silence she awakes
To see her children standing near
Through bloodied eyes the truth is seen
Their innocence knows only fear.

With pain she moves the baby cries
Decisions must be made in haste
The children know the time is now
No more these precious lives she’ll waste.

The path though hard, one they must take
They run with fear that he’ll return
Not looking back though haunted still
By life once lived and lessons learned.

Reah Roberts ©2009


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