Tales from a Life Inbetween

When First We Met

In fields of golden sunshine lay
A childlike maiden young and fair
With haunting eyes of emerald-green
and flowing locks of auburn hair.

The wind caressed her heart of gold
With moon and stars in dreams she lay
Until a lonely wanderer
Caught sight of her that fateful day.

So unaware she cast her spell
As beauty danced in shadowlight
She stole the wanderers’ breath away
As he watched hidden out of sight.

Until one day as music played
The winds of change blew gently by
When soft words spoken marked the day
That two lost souls became entwined.

The dandelion clocks took flight,
As rainbows brightened darker days
When the wanderer and that maiden fair,
In fields of golden sunshine lay.

Reah Roberts ©2009


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