Tales from a Life Inbetween

First Impression

He sat in the garden
the sun on his face
Dark glasses covered
his all-seeing eyes
Bohemian being
he looked out-of-place
Hair flowing freely
his mind open wide.

He sat saying nothing
yet telling such tales
Of  journeys long passed
adventures to come
Intriguing being
he made my heart race
For the briefest of moments
For years yet to come.

He sat watching always
while hearing their lies
Detached from the talk
of the jealous mundane
Questioning always
ignoring their spite
Wondering in silence
not knowing my name.

Till one fateful day
as he sat in the sun
Courage erupted
sent words flowing free
Forever and always
a love grew so strong
Between that hypnotic
stranger and me.

Reah Roberts ©2009


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