Tales From A Life Best Forgotten · Tales from a Life Lived

A Mirrors Tale

The mirror tell such tales of woe,
Her wrinkles paths once walked before.
The dark eyes of experience,
Mere shadows of a life no more.

Her days of youth are long since gone,
Old age a foe she’s not yet met.
“Your life’s been hard,” the mirror sings,
Sad songs of sorrow, sweet regret.

A stranger stands before her now,
Asks, “When did beauty turn and flee?”
The mirror knows not how to lie,
As tears fall soft, yet silently.

Reflections of a life gone by,
But one she will not live again.
The mirror shows in honesty,
A ravaged face abused by men.

As time goes by the mirror cracks,
The girl she knows once more appears.
She turns away takes one last look,
Then leaves her shadow standing there.


Reah Roberts ©2009


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