Various Lyrics

Let It Go

Everyday you fight against extinction,
Clocks tick on as time and life stand still.
Memories they offer no assistance,
Waiting for a time when scars will heal.
Time will heal the faithful always tell us,
Darkness something you alone control.
Take a step towards your destination,
The past is gone it’s time to let you know


 That all the dreams…both yours and mine…
Will make you shine…they’ll let you shine…


So come with me…
I’ll hold your hand…
I’ll take you there…
We’ll make a stand…
We’ll fight the fight…
We’ll steal the show…

Please make it so… ~
Just make it so….

and…let it… go…

Reah Roberts ©2009


4 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. I like the lyrics. I am off to track down the artist and song and give it a listen. One of my favorite activities to do while online.

    thankyou for sharing this. 🙂

  2. My first thought is you wrote this and then i got myself confused and thought maybe you left lyrics from another artist…lol So of course i did not find the song when i searched for it.

    I now realize that you did write this….very well done by the way…. and I wish i could here you sing it now.

    You have a real good talent for writing.

    I hope you are being paid for it.

  3. I also agree with your friends comments. I feel your work is accomplished and it appeals to me greatly. The words are born from deep within you and I identify with this. Well Done.

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