Tales from a Life Inbetween

Broken Silence

You came,
you sat,
you stared in silent disbelief,
at the chaos you witnessed surrounding my world.
the ignorant belligerence of the lesser mortals…
at least that was the title you gave them.

You stood,
you watched,
you spoke your first word,
which flew full speed in my direction,
I aroused your interest…
true or not, that was the reason you gave me.

You listened,
you waited,
for all those years,
till I paused for breath,
then offered the truth and your infinite wisdom,
without fear of consequence…
it was then that I loved you.


Reah Roberts ©2009


3 thoughts on “Broken Silence

  1. wow….very well done.

    to be loved and understood… inspite the problems..is such a special thing. This is the kind of love we all so much want to have.

    thanks for sharing this 🙂

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