Tales From A Broken Society

Red Shoes

The concrete jungle consumes all,
As lamplight fades
night terrors come
Street corner shadows
heads hung low
Laughing like devils
they follow you home.
You quicken your step
silently breathe,
Turn a corner
cross a road.
Dirty streets empty
littered with dreams,
Red lights blazing
beckoning you in.

Just a nowhere town
nowhere people,
Pretending to live
but living on empty,
Endless nights
full of “If Only”,
Strangers in suits,
leaving them lonely.


Reah Roberts ©2009


2 thoughts on “Red Shoes

  1. another fine poem. worth copyrighting.

    I can relate this poem. I truelly can. I have lived here among the hopeless. Red Light district. I have made a fast dollar and sold my soul for it. I have seen them vanish in thin air only to learn that their end came by way of a killer.

    sad to be on the streets trying to get by. not seeing passed today.

    I also like how you mention they pretend. very insightful.

    Enjoyed it very much. thanks.

  2. Hi Reah–
    The title is intriguing for the flavor it gives this piece. I can’t help feeling there’s more here than the obvious, but wouldn’t so much see it this way but not for the title, “Red Shoes”. My favorite kind of poem. Nicely done.

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