Tales From A Broken Society


We walked the tree-lined streets of suburbia
Cosy comfortability hiding
behind curtains
and wrought iron fences
Buying reality lest they be out done
No more than a knife in the backs of the lesser mortals.

Fast cars shining
Faster women driving Fake smiles and friendships
No more than trinkets
Money buys status
Futile significance
A facade that has no relevance in my world.

Turn a few corners.
Suburban bliss comes crashing down
Imposing tower blocks
Looming like modern-day colossus
Dictating life to all who inhabit them
Hope no more than a sunless backdrop
Hidden behind grey skies and smoky dreams.

The real streets
The mean streets
No fairytale ending here
No streets paved with gold
Cosmopolitan chic unknown
Just everyday people
Trying to scrape through
As they ride the merry-go-round
Of their mundane existence.

Reah Roberts ©2009
Reah Roberts ©2009


2 thoughts on “Suburbia

  1. Seems like they entered downtown where a whole new set of rules are required.

    Sometimes I wonder if FREE WILL is an illusion. That every choice and thought that lead to the choice….was destined to happen…set in motion long before our existance.


  2. Maria, I really like the line…… Surburban bliss comes crashing down. It provokes Imagery of the gaping cracks in society.

    Well done.

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