The Concrete Jungle

The Fast Train

The clock ticktock said 12.29
We stepped off the train
It was my first time
I grabbed your hand
Tou took hold of my heart
As I stood
Like a child
In wonderland.

No faces
Talking on phones
Rushing through life
Places to go
Nervousness creeping
Heart beating fast
An adventure beginning
An adventure at last.

We wandered with tourists
Through streets paved with gold
Caught the tube
To who knows where
I sat so scared
You looked my way
Then asked me if I felt O.k.

I nodded shyly
Scared to breathe
As through the tunnel
Dark we sped
The light returned
I searched for you
My one and only
Ine true friend.

So many people
Voices unknown
Accents jumbled
Silent mumbles
Panic rising
Eyes wide hiding
But alone.

R.M Roberts ©2009


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