Tales from a Life Lived

He Says

He says “You’re beautiful”
I tell him it’s because he loves me.

 He says ” You are all I ever dreamed of”
I tell him he should have set his standards a little higher.

 He’s says “But you are so talented”.
I tell him he’s my inspiration.

He says “You deserve so much better than me”
I inhale deeply ignoring the stupidity of his words,
while giving that look that tells him I disagree.

 He wipes away tears,
brushing my cheek with tender touch,
then tells me how much he loves me.

For once I believe him…

                                                                                                     Reah Roberts ©2009


3 thoughts on “He Says

  1. That’s very nice and I really liked it.

    Would you please manage some time for me also to take a look at the blog I write? It’s all about my relationship with a sweet girl.

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