Various Lyrics


I crossed the street today,

I saw you come my way,

I had nothing to say,

Not today.


You saw me standing there,

Holding her hand,

She had no idea,

Of the games you played,

That you play.


Why do you haunt me when I

Let you go, such a long, long time ago,


Why do you taunt me with the

Memories of a love I’ll never know.


Time is not on your side,

Why do you try to hide ,

From the hurt inside.

Your foolish pride.




How does it feel to know, that

 You let me go such a long, long, time ago,

How does it feel to see the change in her,

The way things could have been.


But you don’t see..

You never see…


I crossed the street today,

I saw you come my way,

I had nothing to say..

No not today….



R.M Roberts ©2009


4 thoughts on “Matriarch

    1. I wrote this on the bus one day whilst on my way home from town after realising my mother had been standing next to me and my daughter, but had then crossed the street to avoid us..Painful indeed..but her actions have given me the strength to become the mother I wish she’d have been,,,Thanks for reading ;o)

  1. Hello there Doug, Yeah I’m here..This site is for poems/lyrics, Blogger for my diary and Spaces for everday crap..
    Tried to get onto your Blogger page earlier, now I know why I couldn’t. Hope all’s good with you. Have created a link to your site if that’s Ok..Spread the word and all that…Not that I get that many visitors but the few that I do are the best LOL..
    Hope to catch up with you soon..

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