Tales From A Broken Society

Patience Lost

Wake me when the coffee’s hot
When darkness has devoured the night
From silent slumbers gently bring
The day that changes everything.

Leave repetition at the door
Walk with me through insanity
Wherein I’ll play my childhoods games,
Forget about humanity.

Wake me when the world is done
With hatred and depravity
When unheard whispers deafen all
Slaying all hypocrisy.

Reah Roberts ©2010


4 thoughts on “Patience Lost

  1. You know, I thought I had previously subscribed to this site of yours and to find out, I found it on facebook in your posts. Shucksy darn.

    Okay, mended errors in my ways.

    Enjoyed the post and to say, “No Shit!”

    I feel the same way though wording would differentiate drastically, still, it is what it is and I enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks Doug..You know me, far too nice polite at times. (Though Paddy would tell you I don’t normally hold back so much and have a very colourful vocabulary in reality LOL);o)
    That’s why I love your site, no apologies and no holes barred when it comes to saying things as they are..I wish I could be that confident in my opinions sometimes.
    Two sides of a coin you and I…Similar opinions just different ways of expression..Pretty cool if you ask me xxx

    1. Absolutely agree on the two-coin bit. As long as no one says, “Reah is a two-bit…”

      I wear a bullet proof vest and arch wielding equipment when I write online.

      Cheers and all…

  3. Amen to that!!
    ‘Leave repetition at the door’ I love that line. When we make the same mistakes over again we obviously didn’t learn from them the first time around though. I’m still learning!

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