Various Lyrics

Farewell For Now

She held your hand,

You sighed

You spoke his name.

We cried

Yet through it all

You remained true

To who you were

The you he knew and loved.

The memories won’t fade

We’ll laugh

At times gone by

and passed

And through it all we’ll stay true

To who you were,

The you he knew and loved.

Life at times was cruel,

The darkest hours,

You saw them through.

But now the time,

Has come for peace,

A luxury in life,

You never knew.

Time has been unkind

Farewell for now

I hope you find

The ones you lost so long ago

The ones whose memories we hold

Within our hearts

For with them you dwell now.

R.M Roberts ©2010

4 thoughts on “Farewell For Now

  1. How Wonderfully Wicked… I Like It Maria…
    Now How the Hell Are You? Call By Whenever You
    Have A Free Moment, But As Always Be Careful As
    You Go Past Those Ghouls Okay? lol be Good Now
    Androgoth XXx

  2. Hey Androgoth..How are you..I’m so pleased to hear from you. I tried to access your site but I need to be invited ar something.
    Haven’t been on spaces for ages..mainly because of things going on at home and the changes the made.
    anywa, send me an invite to your WordPress blog and I can then catch up with ou properly.
    Maria xxx

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