The Concrete Jungle


Lights dimmed,
Velvet red
Musty smells of era’s dead
Passion played
Upon the stage
Stories told
They take a bow
Curtains closed
Words un-found
Tears of joy
With sadness mixed
Dreams fulfilled

Reah Roberts ©2010


2 thoughts on “Janus

  1. It’s strange how the feelings can be mixed at times….
    but we shouldn’t be afraid of showing them anyway.
    In stead we should be afraid of regretting it when we don’t….
    love your poem Reah…(it’s been a while…) 🙂
    Have a great afternoon
    love from Eclipse

  2. Thanks Eclipse..It’s been a hard and long year, so much going on and no time to indulge in anything I enjoy.
    Hope you are well and shall visit your site soon for a catch up..It’s been a while indeed ;o)
    thanks again for reading xxx ;o)

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