Tales From A Life Best Forgotten

Still She Breathes

The day dawns
Cold lifeless sun devouring dreams
Eating away at all that is sacred
The safety net gone.

Now starts the creeping
Monotony weeping
The door slightly ajar
Peering through
Hardly daring to breathe
She watches the scene.

Do not disturb
A lesson learned
An arm hangs lifeless
The remnants of pain
Dripping from the bottle on the floor.

She stirs then grumbles
Mumbles jumbled

But still she breathes.
Still she breathes.

Reah Roberts ©2011


3 thoughts on “Still She Breathes

  1. Maria,

    This has to be one of your best poems. The imagary is so powerful and it is conveyed in words that show the reader a picture of a woman with severe problems and the effect it has on those around her. Well done.

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