Morsals of Madness

The Door Re-Opens

Far off in the distance darkness prowled, devouring hope and suffocating all that stood in its way.
The sound of a wretched heart feeding on the tortured, unrelenting screams of her soul was almost too much to bear.
She watched, she waited, eyes frozen in fear. She knew what was coming, she’d come this far before, but never had she dare enter.

Clouded by obscurity the moon rose higher, fighting to illuminate the sleeping world below, its silvery light doing little to ward off the demons. Still they hunted, still they taunted, feeding on fear, growing stronger with each hate filled cry.
The fight had been long, the road splintered, the pain that had once brought comfort still coursing through her veins.
It burned, the open wounds un-healing, the battle to take control violently clashing with the will to live.
This war within had been lost many times, the knife still reflecting her yesterdays, making its mark the scars forever open.

Meanwhile the outside world echoed their deathly song, the wind no longer singing, its voice halted by a child full of melancholy and madness, choking hope and leaving her gasping for air.
Closing her eyes she allowed the silhouettes of yesterday to re-open the door, unleashing its will, her mind racing through the murky fog that darkened her existence.

It was then the distant ticking of a clock sounded once more.…tick-tock, tick-tock.



Reah Roberts ©2011


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