Various Lyrics

My Universal

I swallowed the universe today,
The day it took my life away,
Choked on the air that left me grieving
It wasn’t meant to be this way.

Sailed far across the milky sky,
Cried as the stars refused to shine
Whispered my secrets moonlight bleeding,
Then followed you no longer dreaming

Drunken, dreamy Friday nights
When we laughed and talked all night
Jimmy joined us for a song
and everybody sang along

Windswept, lazy ice cream days
Smiling sunshine, purple haze
Wasted dreams full of “If only’s”
 Oh yeah, yeah, yeah if only

I swallowed the universe today
The day it took my life away,
Drowned in the ocean darkness creeping
and lost myself along the way.

Reah Roberts ©2012


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