A Memory or Two


The window opened
You liked The Beatles too
But the volume was far too low
Your opinion was noted.

Tea was offered
You stayed the night
Got drunk on my smile
It was like that for a while
Although my memory may be lying.

Long hair flowing;
Your waterfall of grey
The intrigue of a stranger
No sense of danger
That laid back style
Something I craved
And yeah
Cravings can become addictive.

Sunglasses hiding
Those sweet baby blues
The faded Levi’s
A sign of adventure.
How true that would out to be.

My mind wandered down
To your feet with a smile
In that innocent style
You know, when you look
and hope no one can see.

I talked
Did no more
Thought I should
Never could
You intrigued me unique to the core.

Conversations caught fire
Mild flirtations
Quenched my thirst
For knowledge
And more.

I had nothing to offer
Only smokes and
the offer
Of friendship for life
Maybe more.
Was there more?
Not quite sure.

But still we’re confusing
them all.

Reah Roberts ©2013


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