The Concrete Jungle


Rushing, running
Chasing time
Trapped in stations
Trapped in time
Tubes are busy
Always full
Stuffy carriage
Standing room.

Strangers mumbling
Papers read
Numbing music in their head
Sweaty bodies
Pushed up tight
Train roars by
Stealing light.

Overground the tunnel ends
Rhythmic movement
Turn a bend
Tower blocks
The people stare
Seeing nothing
Choking air
Doors are open
Mind the gap
Buskers playing
Notes are flat.

Trafalgar Square
The Lions roar
Fountains, statues
Concrete floor
Change of clothes
Make up done
Emerging fresh
In need of fun.

You stood their waiting
Took a breath
Grabbed my hand
No time left.

the tube

Reah Roberts © 2010


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