A Memory or Two

Introducing Mr Harley

I wore black knee-high socks
Except they were more over the knee
Heading towards the thigh High
And some kind of cute little black boots.

The heels were slightly wobbly
Or was that me attempting to impress?
I don’t know
I never saw myself as the impressive type.

Then there was the skirt
The less said about that the better
But it went well with the vest
and the military jacket you’d bought me
The birthday before.

You wore those Levi’s…again
With that blue checked shirt
They always looked good
You always looked good
As did you and I
Or so you said.

Jack and coke joined us
Several times I recall
No ice or a slice
Just straight or not at all.

Our seats were just perfect
The lights moody
Yet soft
Unlike the tune up
Or that bloke with the cough.

But none of that mattered
As he came on the stage
I squealed with delight,
…while you laughed quietly to yourself.

I never embarrassed you did I?
Although I think I often tried
Just to see if I could
You never said
I think you secretly enjoyed it.

Still, I cried at the song
Do you remember the one?
Held your hand as the tears
gently fell.
Clapped and cheered at the end,
Yeah he did it again
Mr Harley
The Rebel
The One.


Reah Roberts ©2005


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