Tales From A Broken Society

Insatiable Sensational

Bloodlust, craving
Decency a rule broken
The younger the better
Violation and violence
Feeds the reader
Never satisfied
As they condemn
Then concede
Their acceptance the catalyst
The twitch in the loins
Of a society
Fucked and dying.

Sensationalism sells
Conflict, seduction
“Death by Welfare”
The more degrading the better
The talk show generation
DNA, adultery
The parading of failures
Mere foreplay in the eyes of the viewer.

The media grab the axe
Hack the backs
Of the mourning
Then rejoice in “Rivers of Blood”
The licentious greed
Their needs Twisted Voyeuristic
Desires growing
As the public lay panting
Wanting more.

Gratification gained.
No facts needed Wanted
The victims mere pound signs
As those at the top
Caught in the act, are exalted
Their misdeeds paraded
Like a moral banner.

Lying, thieving ways
Toppled by words
The pedestal crumbles
The ink still wet
As printed damnation
Vocal displeasure
Force them to feed
With the scum of their own creation.

Reah Roberts ©2013


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