Tales from a Life Inbetween


Clouded by obscurity
the moon rises higher
fighting to illuminate
the sleeping world below.

Still they hunted
In silvery light
Still they taunted
Gorging themselves on her misery
Frustration growing with each hate filled cry.

The fight had been long
The road splintered
The pain that brought comfort
Coursing through her veins
How it burned
Open wounds revealing
The battle to take control
Violently clashing.
The will to live diminishing.

The war within had been lost
The knife reflecting her yesterday’s
Making its mark.
The scars forever open
As the outside world Echoed her deathly song.

The wind no longer sang
Its voice halted by a child Born of melancholy
and madness.

Closing her eyes
Silhouettes of yesterday open the door
Unleashing their will
Darkening her existence.

The battle is lost.

R.M Roberts ©2014


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