About Tales From Behind A Cushion

There are many tales we get to tell throughout our life, some are harder to voice than others, some probably better off  forgotten.

But I personally believe, although clichéd, that things do  happen for a reason both good and bad and the feelings and thoughts born of situations beyond our control stay with us ultimately shaping us into the person we are destined to become.

 In my short time on this earth, I have probably seen and experienced far more of the darker side of humanity than perhaps I should, each experience bringing forth feelings and emotions that from time to time still haunt me today; the scars running far deeper than you could ever imagine.

Some shall be written about, others perhaps only hinted at, but through my words I hope to be, if nothing else, honest and true to myself.

Tales From Behind A Cushion expresses some of those thoughts, feelings and memories from my life:

From Times Best Forgotten,

Times Being  Lived

and all

The Times Inbetween

The majority of what you may read are from my youth and were recently found on scraps of paper, in notebooks and even on  beer mats when emptying the loft during my last house move; Untouched or with very little editing taking place.   Others are merely observations and opinions made when on my travels or sitting in my favourite café  simply people watching over endless cups of tea.

 So please, sit back, relax and enjoy this journey with me…and if inclined, please feel free to return and leave a comment or two.


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