Tales from a Life Inbetween


Clouded by obscurity
the moon rises higher
fighting to illuminate
the sleeping world below.

Still they hunted
In silvery light
Still they taunted
Gorging themselves on her misery
Frustration growing with each hate filled cry.

The fight had been long
The road splintered
The pain that brought comfort
Coursing through her veins
How it burned
Open wounds revealing
The battle to take control
Violently clashing.
The will to live diminishing.

The war within had been lost
The knife reflecting her yesterday’s
Making its mark.
The scars forever open
As the outside world Echoed her deathly song.

The wind no longer sang
Its voice halted by a child Born of melancholy
and madness.

Closing her eyes
Silhouettes of yesterday open the door
Unleashing their will
Darkening her existence.

The battle is lost.

R.M Roberts ©2014

Tales From A Broken Society

Insatiable Sensational

Bloodlust, craving
Decency a rule broken
The younger the better
Violation and violence
Feeds the reader
Never satisfied
As they condemn
Then concede
Their acceptance the catalyst
The twitch in the loins
Of a society
Fucked and dying.

Sensationalism sells
Conflict, seduction
“Death by Welfare”
The more degrading the better
The talk show generation
DNA, adultery
The parading of failures
Mere foreplay in the eyes of the viewer.

The media grab the axe
Hack the backs
Of the mourning
Then rejoice in “Rivers of Blood”
The licentious greed
Their needs Twisted Voyeuristic
Desires growing
As the public lay panting
Wanting more.

Gratification gained.
No facts needed Wanted
The victims mere pound signs
As those at the top
Caught in the act, are exalted
Their misdeeds paraded
Like a moral banner.

Lying, thieving ways
Toppled by words
The pedestal crumbles
The ink still wet
As printed damnation
Vocal displeasure
Force them to feed
With the scum of their own creation.

Reah Roberts ©2013

Tales From A Broken Society

Animation 39

Daylight brings confusion
Drug induced illusions
Multiple infusions
Pill popping delusions.

Drag the living corpse downstairs
Place it in the usual chair
It slurps the coffee waiting there
Screams inside “It’s so unfair!”

Watch it smoke a cigarette
Laced with anger
Pain, regret.
Then once it’s settled for the day
Watch it type its life away
Sitting there with nowt to say
Same old shit
Just different days.

Reah Roberts ©2013

Tales From A Broken Society

“Not On My Watch”

Recession trends
It’s Twitters news
Job Centres busy
Full of queues.
The middle ‘squeezed’ beyond their means
The bankers’ bonus busting seams

The poor are left out of the fight
Their plight kept hidden out of sight
It’s mumbled but there’s little done
Who cares when votes need to be won

Lose your job then ‘scrounge’ they shout
We’ll knock you down
We’ll flush you out
We’ll beat you down with policies
We’ll crush you with atrocities

Votes on marriage another ploy
As countries threaten to destroy
We’ll join their fight ignore our own
As Europe falls
With billions owed

Not understood but ever near
Shouted loud despite our fears
Of starving
Getting by
Despaired we live
In squalor cry

Eviction letters through the door
As council tax and rent bills soar
The private landlords reap rewards
While workers march demanding more

Bedrooms victims of a ‘tax’
MPs stabbing in the back
The people whose vote got them there
Yet none take time to really care

The sick ignored, their cries are drowned
Disabled rights kicked to the ground.
The NHS means nowt no more
As private firms beat down its door.

Energy prices rise and soar
Their profits keeping no one warm
The students plight a stabbing poke
At those who bought the words once spoke

Free schools and academies
Reforms a backward remedy Food banks spring up overnight
While people slave for Workfares right

They take away our dignity
Instigate insanity
Masses and classes
Where once was war
Now friendly chatter at the door

Just where are those prepared to stand To stand and fight take back this land To help the young just sarting out Protect the old not dying out.

Once riots would be running rife
Defending those who live this life
Of fear, compulsory poverty,
As we settle for complacency
While those who lie, who cheat, who steal
Are busy making backroom deals
Smirking saying they know best
They’re not to blame
…unlike the rest.

They know there’s nothing we can do
They’ll make and break they’ll bend the rules
So we need to fight
show we disapprove
Cos’ they’ll screw us all
and blame us too!

Reah Roberts ©2013