Tales From A Broken Society

Animation 39

Daylight brings confusion
Drug induced illusions
Multiple infusions
Pill popping delusions.

Drag the living corpse downstairs
Place it in the usual chair
It slurps the coffee waiting there
Screams inside “It’s so unfair!”

Watch it smoke a cigarette
Laced with anger
Pain, regret.
Then once it’s settled for the day
Watch it type its life away
Sitting there with nowt to say
Same old shit
Just different days.

Reah Roberts ©2013

Tales From A Broken Society


Thin veils of sincerity
Truth brought out on special occasions
Like mother’s best china
Even then its behaviour Questionable
The void encasing you
Sucking the life
The spirit
Even from the most determined.

Illicit fumbling’s
Lowercase mumblings
The back alley friendship of a modern age
Feelings falsely placed in the back pocket
Saved for those easier to manipulate
Life’s wallet empty and overspent.

It’s easier this way
Interaction on your terms only
The click of a key
Nurturing the lonely
Social media playing the tune
Its melody deceiving
As we dance awkwardly
Typing our way
Through this vacuous creation.

Reah Roberts ©2013

Tales From A Life Best Forgotten


Sometimes degrees of love are all that’s left.
You wipe your tears
Brush your hair
Smile through tinted lips.

Behind the eyes
Not dead, but sleeping
Hope dwells in chains
Hungry for freedom.

Pride rises.
Refuses to accept
Admit that help is needed
Polite refusal your only recourse.

This barren life.
Love holds it together
Fighting the anger
The tsunami of despair.

Behind four walls
Safe from the questions
Safe from the truth
The air that suffocates.

The compliments of others
Kind but not needed
Your façade deceiving
But for how long
An eternity it seems.

The plight of others
Ignites the spirit
Rejuvenates forgotten promises.
We stand on corners
Us against the world.

But no one’s listening
Self- preservation
The mother of indifference
Your only escape.

R.M Roberts ©2012

Various Lyrics

My Universal

I swallowed the universe today,
The day it took my life away,
Choked on the air that left me grieving
It wasn’t meant to be this way.

Sailed far across the milky sky,
Cried as the stars refused to shine
Whispered my secrets moonlight bleeding,
Then followed you no longer dreaming

Drunken, dreamy Friday nights
When we laughed and talked all night
Jimmy joined us for a song
and everybody sang along

Windswept, lazy ice cream days
Smiling sunshine, purple haze
Wasted dreams full of “If only’s”
 Oh yeah, yeah, yeah if only

I swallowed the universe today
The day it took my life away,
Drowned in the ocean darkness creeping
and lost myself along the way.

Reah Roberts ©2012